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Successful products solve a real problem that people have

  • R & D department recognize the new product idea, after doing research and reviewing many data.
  • Our product vision built on the role that our brands are able to solving health problems in people’s lives.
  • According to deep understanding of market needs our R & D department recognize the need to develop new products formula with different dosage form.
  • Quality Department is developing our products in specialized laboratories through latest pharmaceutical technology, to ensure that our product quality will met the patient’s expectation.
  • We manufacturing our products in highest pharmaceutical manufacturer sites that have highest pharmaceutical guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate.
  • We deliver better outcomes for patients through science-based to meet our patient satisfaction and expectation.

Best Market Survey

  • To be one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies we start doing a market survey to identifying the market potential for new drug’s formula and unique molecules.
  • After launching our products in the market, we are following it with a developed powerful feedback program, start with:
    • Physician satisfaction surveys following education seminar attendance.
    • Store/hospital product satisfaction surveys
    • Patient/care giver satisfaction surveys following contact with the patient assistance department.
  • Survey and Feedback can make a strong contribution to the development and evaluation the efficacy and effectiveness of our new initiatives brands.

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